Hi darlings, I hope you all are doing great? This is my first blog post and I am super excited I’m finally doing this(many close friends and friends have been asking me to do this). Putting the whole idea together has actually been a great challenge ( having to decide on which look to start with..going simple or not and all that) but I thank God everything is going according to plan now 😊. Whew!! It’s going to be a long long journey and I hope to make it as exciting as possible.pic 1
So yea lets get this started 😀😀. I decided to start with this beautiful Ankara piece that was given to me as a gift from a friend of mine who just came from Nigeria. As you know I am a student schooling in Ukraine and African prints are not so easy to come by here. When I saw the piece, a crazy idea on how to style it popped into my head. I was skeptical about doing it but when I continuously thought about it I made up my mind to do it.pic 8
pic 2pic 9pic 6.jpgThe piece originally came as a top but I decided to style it as a skirt also 🙈. I matched it with a white off shoulder top I got 2 years back, a black strap sandal with low heel and it was amazingly perfect!! Lol. I also styled the piece with a trouser in 3 ways but this time I went for a darker color (navy blue trousers) and a black sandal heel.pic 5
pic 3pic 7pic 10pic 4I hope you like this outfit, please leave a comment below and let me know how you’ll prefer to style yours😊. Hope you stop by in my next post.. Till then have a wonderful time.



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