Hello beautiful people,I hope we are doing fine? I’ll like to appreciate you all for the love shown on my first blog post..your encouragement and prayers really means a lot πŸ˜€ thank you.floral 8
floral 5floral 7So today we’ll be talking about how I styled this lovely floral tube gown. A lot of people think tube gowns can only be worn to parties, balls, and weddings; well darling I’m here to tell you that’s not true lol, you can wear a tube gown to church, to the office, for a conference or anywhere classy.floral 6
You can wear any color of shirt with a floral tube gown depending on the color that dominates or rather the background of the dress. I chose white( a very essential item in a woman’s closet) because the gown already had a dark background. The white shirt complemented the other colors on the gown.
For the second look I used a brighter color of blazer; I wanted something loud but not too dramatic and yellow was the perfect color in this case because it blends very well with all the floral colors on the gown. One thing to always keep in mind when styling any outfit is “balance & complement ” ( I’ll try to make a blog post on things to look out for while styling any outfit)floral 2
floral 3floral 1It’s a pause for now, I hope you’ve learnt a little thing from this blog post😊 just let me know in the comment box below.. And yea it’s Black Friday make sure you get that item you’ve been longing to get remember it comes once a year just like Christmas πŸ˜‰. Have a beautiful weekend. Thanks for stopping by see you in my next post😘.


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