Fear is a feeling caused by a perceived threat or danger which causes a change in behavior that mostly leads to fleeing or hiding… fear has caused thousands of individuals to regret when they should be celebrating, fear has left thousands of questions unanswered, fear has rendered thousands of smart individuals dumb, fear has aborted ideas that were conceived; all this and many more has fear done.

It doesn’t matter when you start doing what ever you want to do, it doesn’t matter if your idea doesn’t turn out to be the smartest idea ever, all that matters is your aim. Remember someone out there needs that awesome idea you have in your head, someone out there needs to know little of the thousands you know, let the world see your light, don’t dim your light because you do not want to be mocked or because you do not want to be rebuked; after all majority reject what they have no idea about and yours might just be too unique for “a lot” of people to understand. All you just need is one person who understands and is ready to learn more. Lol, That’s enough motivation!!

Today I styled a black suit and coincidentally here I’m I talking about setting fear aside… I don’t know about you but I feel super confident in a suit.

I hope you like the way I styled mine. Happy new month, have a beautiful Easter celebration and remain fabulous!!



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