READY, SET, SPRING!!! ( mom jean + big shirt)

Spring is Here!!

Hello loves, I hope your week hasn’t been as hectic as mine? So I changed the logo of the blog thanks to NENNY she worked with some picture ideas I sent to her and boom this awesome logo was made.

On today’s blog post I’ll be pairing a big yellow shirt with floral detail together with a blue mom jean. This look was specially requested by one of my lovely blog viewers, she requested for a simple spring look so I decided to go for something really simple that can be easy to recreate.

This look is basically going to do justice to any event in this season…. I paired this outfit with boots and heels of different matching colors burgundy and lemon green respectively. There are different ways to tuck in a shirt, I tucked one side of my shirt because i didn’t want the outfit to be awkward coupled with the fact that i was wearing a mom jean, it’s best to tuck in a big shirt completely or one sided just like I did mine when pairing it with a mom jean. This look can be recreated by using any bright colored shirt or any floral shirt. I really enjoyed creating this look because I was working with different colors which is what I love to do.

I hope you love this look, please don’t forget to drop a comment below and always remember your suggestions on outfit ideas are totally welcomed.

Till my next blog post; remain awesome!!!!


6 thoughts on “READY, SET, SPRING!!! ( mom jean + big shirt)

  1. Really a nice outfit. Love the yellow but most fair people like me don’t like yellow colours like that mostly because it’s shouty. So what other kind of top for moms jeans would you recommend for fair skinned like me. I love all your styles though . Keep it up dear

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    1. Thank you so much Ogonna…. if you want to use a bright color that isn’t too loud, I’ll suggest red, pink and blue…. for a little dark tone you can use purple or even black. I hope this is helpful enough. 🙏


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