I am Nigeria, while some say I am the giant of Africa, some say I am a land filled with possibilities.

Although I was colonized by Britain for 60 years, I gained my independence on the 1st of October 1960 and since then I have grown in different dimensions.

I birthed 36 states and in those states hundreds of languages are spoken. Among these languages Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba are the most spoken.

Allow me take you on a little journey……..

Lagos!!! A place where night and day can hardly be distinguished, she has a lot of elegant structures that are pleasing to the eyes.Eko as she is called is seen as a land of opportunities to many who believe in her.

Calabar the city where the biggest street carnival takes place . Her beauty and endowment with natural resources is nothing compared to her peacefulness. Oh how silly will I be to forget the merriment her delicacies bring to my taste buds each time I eat from her calabash.

Long shall you live Calabar for my belly is pleased with you.

“AREA!!! We no dey carry last highest na draw e go be”

This is what I hear Warri tell anybody she comes in contact with.

Her confidence and agile spirit has opened lots of opportunities for her descendants… and yes her oil fertility has brought her fame.

Let’s go to the middle belt…. we call her the fruit basket because of her fertile land.

Oh how can I forget Abuja!!!! Her quietness and class is admired by all yet she stands tall knowing her value and letting it be her power.

I remain honored to meet you. Thank you . I still remain Nigeria.

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