1 YEAR, 2 FEATURES, 2 AWARDS, 30 POSTS!!! (Anniversary)

Hey guys 🙂 exactly a year ago I was filled with joy as I typed out my first blog post for publication and here I am again a year after, doing it again but this time I’m filled with thanks. WOW!!! A whole year has gone yet it feels like last month. Words are not failing me so I’ll express myself in details lol, I love to write and if you keep up with my blog you should know this by now :).

I’ll like to start by saying a HUGE thank you to God Almighty, He has been with me all through this beautiful journey, He always made ways even when it seemed all hope was lost. Allow me tell you a little story…. So before I started blogging I told myself I wasn’t ready because I didn’t have one essential thing “I thought” was the key to blogging ( a good camera) trust me, i love good pictures so i wasn’t ready to start on a low grade. I prayed about it and I felt relieved because I knew God was going to settle it for me, I went ahead to start my blog without a camera. Just a week after I published my first post, a photographer I once worked with contacted me and asked to work with me based on some well documented procedures… guys that was it!!! I’ve been working with him and many other photographers (some I pay and some I don’t pay).

My family… my mum still remains my best shopping buddy till date. You guys need to get siblings like mine!! They steadily push me to do more and I bless God for their lives. My FRIENDS!!! Wow… I’ll be honest about this, friendship is an investment and I believe when you value one you’ll be dedicated to it. I value my friends, and I’m grateful for them in my life. I’m grateful for all the times I publish my posts and you repost them the minute you get the notification, I’m grateful for all the times you correct me, I’m grateful for always being there to listen to my rants ( I rant when I’m stressed), I’m sorry for bombarding your phones with many pictures of me lol many more to come in this new year.

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone I know… if you know me, you’ll know I cannot sit or stay with you without asking this “which picture do you prefer; this or this” lmao honestly guys I’m working on it. I appreciate all my followers on every social media platform, my heart muscles contract with joy when I read your sweet words in my inbox and on my comments. May God Almighty bless you all greatly.

To every brand that has reached out to me( PR coming soon) and every site that has featured me, I say thank you.

Now let’s talk about my outfit…. I love this beautiful gown that was gifted to me by my sweet mum, I love the fitting so much lol it helped my small ministry. And yes guys I told y’all friendship is key!! My beautiful friend Dinma gifted me this beautiful wig for my anniversary you can check out her page HERE she makes and sells wigs.

To show my gratitude to you all I decided to do another giveaway today and I asked interested brand owners to contact me for a collaboration. 3 young brand owners here in Ukraine contacted me and I’ll be giving out items to 5 lucky winners.

3 lucky ladies will be getting beautiful lipsticks(1 huda lipstick & 2 milani lipstick) courtesy JOMSBEAUTY on IG. 2 lucky gentlemen will be getting yummy packs of cupcakes each courtesy cupcakes by NONYE .

Rules to enter this giveaway will be on my instagram page HERE

The winner for my previous giveaway is @a.ajinwo on ig.. please contact me for your gift. Thanks to everyone who participated, there’ll be more giveaways to come. Till my next blog post, remain FABULOUS!!!


4 thoughts on “1 YEAR, 2 FEATURES, 2 AWARDS, 30 POSTS!!! (Anniversary)

  1. I am so much in love with this looks. I can’t get over this your blogs. I love to view the once I missed out on by weekends. I still have a lot to learn from you❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😘😘😘😘 keep doing the good work. Happy Anniversary love ❤️

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