MY ICMA 2018 EXPERIENCE.(Medical Conference)

Happy Sunday lovelies …. I’d like to say a massive thank you for the love shown on my previous post, it means a lot to me knowing that people actually take out time to read through what I write. May God Almighty bless you all and meet you at the point of your needs (amen).

This blog post is a month late because I have a lot of content I’ve been working on and time has been a challenging factor as well.

Last month I was privileged to attend the Annual Christian Medical conference, International Christian Medical Association (ICMA) at Vinnitsya from the 12th to the 14th of October. I alongside many medical students from different parts of the world attended the conference as well as professors from different parts of the world. The conference was impactful in many ways, each participant was entitled to attend 4 master classes of their choice ( topics were based on different medical specialties ) and there were several abstract presentations done by students. Here are the topics of the master classes I attended….

1. Who is a good doctor?

2. Swellings in the neck. How to make a correct diagnosis

3. The pediatric Otoscopic Exam.

4. What is the embryo? Does it matter? Ethics around the beginning of life.

My best classes were 2 & 4, the teachers were passionate about what they taught and their teachings were deep and understandable.

Saturday night was the international variety night, different participants came to showcase their traditional outfits and gave little details about their culture. I love the introduction given by one of the professors from the Netherlands, he gave details about Netherlands in a very funny but “efficient“ way lol …. according to him people from Netherlands are efficient people in my own term I’ll say “they don’t like stress”. Then there was the food!!! There was a vast assortment of dishes from various cultures and tasted amazing. That was a major highlight for me.

The program was just as I expected… insightful and very educative. I got to meet many people and also made new friends. I’m definitely looking forward to the next conference and I hope this post makes you consider attending the next one. Thanks for stopping by, till my next post remain FABULOUS!!!

Most of my pictures were taken by my beautiful group mate and friend AGWERU , Thanks girl.

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