RESTAURANT CHRONICLES : 5 people had lunch with less than $20

It was a beautiful afternoon and I had an unusual long break so I decided to make use of it by going to eat at a restaurant with some of my study mates. We walked to a restaurant not too far from where our class was located and I’ll say that was a beautiful decision.

LE ROCK is a beautiful restaurant with a welcoming environment, the waiters were extremely polite and friendly…. the service was fast, well coordinated and satisfying.

My taste buds fell in love with every single thing I ate.. I tried a dish called PAN ( cabbage, potato,chicken, mushroom, cheese, tomato, onion) and it was amazing!! I also had a piece of my friends Belgian waffles made from potato (chicken and grilled vegetables topping) and it was worth it. The others had rock dog, Caesar salad and pan… I could tell they enjoyed it from the satisfactory look they had while eating.

The highlight of the day for me was their lemonade (apple and kiwi). It worth every penny I paid to get it.

LE ROCK is a place I’ll recommend to anyone who loves good food and efficient service… it’s affordable and easy to access (located at the city center). Personally I spent $3 and collectively we spent $19.

All pictures were taken with my phone and edited by me. Let me know if this post was helpful to you in the comment section below. Till my next blog post remain FABULOUS!!!

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