Merry Christmas lovely people!!! It’s been two weeks since you heard from me and that’s because I was having my exams for this semester and I also got entangled in some other activities but I’m done with all that now and my holiday has officially begun!

This season is all about showing love and telling the world about JESUS because he is the reason for the season, love is one of the greatest gifts I know and it can be shown in different ways. Most people actually overthink it when it comes to showing love…. you do not have to go an extra mile to show love to someone, all you have to do is make sure whatever you’re doing is sincere and not tagged with any expectation. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying expectations are not good but doing something for someone just because you want something from them can be disappointing and devastating that is why all expectations should dwell on the Lord Almighty, in him we are secured and assured.

Have a beautiful holiday and till my next blog post…..remain FABULOUS!!!!

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