Welcome back to my blog guys, I hope you’re having a beautiful day? So it’s another episode of resturant chronicles and I’m excited about sharing this with you.

Fiane Misto club is one of the most popular restaurants here in Ternopil Ukraine, aside from the fact that their meals are affordable; they also have good waiting service. One beautiful thing I like about this restaurant is the background music, I always get lost in the beat even though most of the time I do not know half of the lyrics lol.

Let’s dive into what I ate ( the fun part), I had Thai rice with chicken . Actually I must confess…. this has to be one of the best places to eat Thai rice in Ternopil. Just Incase you’re feeling hesitant about trying Thai rice, here are few reasons you need to consider…

•Thai rice is mostly made with jasmine rice

•It usually has chicken, shrimps or crabs

•It’s mostly made with vegetables like cucumber, onion, tomatoes, springs of green onion and bell peppers which are very good essentials for the body.

•It always looks sumptuous because of the vegetables lol ( I rarely eat anything that does not please my eyes).

I tried a Ukrainian drink called uzvar for the first time, the drink is made from dried fruits and berries….. hmmmm I’ll say the experience was a bitter sweet one because I really have no memory about how I finished it ( took a long gulp).

Next on the menu was beef steak, Texas ribs served with grilled potatoes & sauce(made from pork) and buttered rice. The ribs and steak were juicy and they tasted heavenly.

Faine misto club is one restaurant I’ll recommend for dates and small circle hang outs…. they have beautiful aesthetics for pictures during the day but the lighting at night is not so perfect but can be managed.

I hope you find this very useful.

Till my next blog post remain FABULOUS!!!


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