In my few years of blogging, I’ve come to realize that style is basically anything you think of, anything you put together, anything you imagine, anything you do and people can relate to, anything that speaks your personality to an extent and finally anything you enjoy doing.

Today’s post is all about combining different pieces from different modes of dressing to create a masterpiece. Let’s go straight into the full outfit details shall we??

Firstly, I have a lavender colored blazer on which I fell in love with at first sight on my last travel to Dubai. It’s a cooperate blazer and amongst the many looks I had in mind to style it with, this look was one of them.

Next on the list, is the white T-shirt I have on under the blazer which I got from sinsay and chose to wear for this look to give a different vibe. It was basically to give off a clean, simple and classy outcome.

The palazzo pants, though I can’t really recall where I got them from, were basically to downplay the whole outfit in order not to look too corporate and to add a little prints to the outfit cause everything was basically a solid color.

Now the straw bag which was a gift from my friend Ruth, was basically to add a whole new dimension to the western outfit I had on and to show that any accessory can basically work for any look if styled appropriately. I just love the vibe the straw bag adds to the look to spice it up from the usual.

So basically, you can see the outfit was a combination of different pieces most people would think can not go together but actually can. It’s like combining different spices or pieces of meat to make a delicious pot of soup. This look can be worn as a corporate look, a spring or summer look and for any event whatsoever.

Let me know what you think about this look in the comment section!! By the way I love the interactions we’ve been having in the comment section, please let’s keep the love coming.

Till my next blog post remain FABULOUS!!!

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