Everyone has insecurities even your biggest crush/role models. Today I want to share a big insecurity I have, which had been a big deal to me for a loonng time, to help someone out there overcome theirs and feel good about themselves. My hands and feet have been my greatest insecurities for the longest time until recently, I have dark knuckles and people always had the impression I bleach because of them, which always made me feel bad and retreat into hiding my hands and wearing cover shoes to avoid such comments. Even though most people said I had beautiful hands, I never saw the beauty they saw because I always just dwelled on the negative comments I got towards them. But just recently I took a glance at my hand and I could not help staring and smiling, and then it dawned on me that my hands are actually really beautiful and I had dwelled on the negative comments and let it cloud my mind for so long, that I could not see the beauty in them. It’s absolutely ok for you to feel insecure at a point in your life, because guess what that’s Life for you and you are human! But do not dwell on it, and let it consume you for so long. Get past it and use them to your advantage.

Till I come your way again with another blog post stay FABULOUS!!!


  1. First off I want to thank you for sharing your insecurity with us, because these days you don’t get to see people post their weakness on the internet, which makes us think they are always happy. My biggest insecurity has to be my Tommy(abdomen), Even though people tell me it’s not big, I can’t seem to get past others that see it and give that wide eyed, jaw drop expression of how rediculous I look being slim but with a big tommy, even though I am getting comfortable in my own skin now, it’s still difficult to get past it everyday especially with the social media norm of a model size body. But hey I am a work in progress and I stay fighting and try to stay confident in my skin regardless because my true happiness comes from within me.

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    1. Thank you very much for sharing your story, I’m glad you didn’t let it become a big deal in your life because I understand the pressure we face in this present generation about body shaming. It’s like you said, happiness is key at the end and I’m glad you are . 💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️ remain beautiful darling


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