Hey loves how are we all doing? I took a little break from blogging because I had to finish up my semester exams and properly attend to some adulthood issues. I’m glad to be back now I must confess and I cannot wait to share a lot of content with you all.

In today’s post I’ll be sharing my favorite restaurants with awesome desserts and why I love them.

The first has to be FAINE MISTO this is one of the most popular restaurants in Ternopil, it is always populated because it’s affordable and has a very big space to occupy a lot of people. Their Belgium waffle is the best I’ve ever tasted, I have loved it from the first bite till date.

Here’s a quick story before I talk about my 2nd & 3rd favorite.

I cannot consciously eat cheese because growing up I had this weird imagination that eating cheese would instantly make me really fat, so I always stayed away from anything that had cheese in it. I went out with a friend and she ordered cheese cake, I was going to order a chocolate cake but then she convinced me to get cheese cake and I did…. since then I’ve not stopped loving cheese cake and any restaurant that makes good cheese cake can have all my coins lol.

My 2nd favorite LE ROCK this restaurant has many things I like Including cheese cake, this was the restaurant that made me fall in love with cheese cake.

My 3rd is BARBARESCO the aesthetic of this restaurant is calm and welcoming, they also have yummy cheese cake and many other things.

I’ll love to know your favorite dessert option, please leave a comment below. Till my next blog post remain FABULOUS!!!


  1. At of all you mentioned, I’ve only tried the belgium waffles and the Cheese cake from LE ROCK. I love the both of them but if I’d have to go with one, I’ll stick with the belgium waffles because it’s way more filling and seems a bit healthier because of the additional fruits😂😂🤣🤣 (I’m just deceiving myself). I love your blogs and I can’t wait to read more.

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    1. I can honestly relate to the fruits being healthy 😅😅 . Thanks a lot sweetheart I really appreciate 💋❤️


  2. Finally you’re back!🙌🏽😤 Desserts are always a yes for me!! From faine misto, my fav is the chocolate fondant ohmyGod nothing,absolutely nothing beats the warm chocolate oozing out once you cut the chocolate muffin!👅 From le rock, the carrot cake brings it home for me. I’ve loved carrot cake since middle school when one of my teachers used to bake it and bring it for us on treat days so it always has me reminiscing my middle school class party days 😩💓
    I don’t have a favorite from barbaresco but I’ll definitely give your recommended cheesecake a try.

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    1. Yes love I’m back 😃😃 sorry for staying away for so long. Awwwn I love carrot cake too and yes Le rock has many yummy dishes. You should definitely try barbaresco you’ll love it ❤️💋💋


  3. I’ve tried the faine misto Belgium waffles and it was amazing but I don’t like cheesecake like you didn’t but I’ll definitely give it a try💕

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