Welcome back to my blog lovely readers… if this is your first time here I’m happy you stopped by please feel free to go through my old posts and drop a comment, if you’re a returnee I’m glad to have you back. I’m presently doing my clinicals in school and it has been stress free so far except the fact that I have to wake up early to meet up with attendance.

It’s the first week of summer proper and a lot of my lovely readers here on the blog and my followers on Instagram have sent messages asking me to make a post about summer trends 2019 and wardrobe essentials for summer so I decided to make a poll on my instagram story on how to go about it and many people voted 2 different blog posts about so here’s post 1.( please click HERE to follow me on Instagram)

POLKA DOT: polka dot wears has always been in the fashion and style industry, many fashion bloggers have styled it in several different ways. This summer polka dot outfits has become an interesting trend many people seem to love.

ANIMAL PRINTS: The most popular animal print worn and accepted by a lot of people is the leopard print, bold fashion lovers love to wear it with very bright colors to make a statement look. A touch of animal print in a look changes the whole vibe in a good way. I’ll suggest animal prints in pants for a start.

NEON COLORS: This is one trend that has come to stay for a very long time in the fashion industry, the most popular neon colors worn are green, pink, yellow and blue.

BIKER SHORTS: This is one very comfortable piece to rock as a street style. It has been styled with blazers by many fashion bloggers and can pass for a chic look.

BUCKET HATS: Thjs has always been a vibe and it’ll be a yes for me every summer.

FRINGES: This trend became popular in 2017 and has since then been styled in many different ways. Click HERE to see how I styled a fringe top.

Here’s my version of how I styled my polka dot piece, I totally love the way I styled it, the location I took these picture also made this look amazing. Shout out to my beautiful friend ZIZI she took these lovely pictures.

I really hope this post inspires you on how to create cool outfits this summer.

Till my next blog post remain FABULOUS


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