This I’ll say is just a short note to ponder on or to take us back to somethings we never read meaning to.

I was sitting with my friend in the lecture hall,we were both copying note from the slides that was being projected…..she is a very fast writer so she practically finished every slide before me. I on the other hand write like a snail so I don’t get to finish copying a slide before the teacher changes it, so because my friend is a typewriter I get to copy from her note and finish mine.

My friend started reading a card which I gave to her during the lecture and she got distracted. This made her not to notice another slide was on and because of that I ended up not finishing that slide even tho I wasn’t distracted. When the teacher changed the slide I noticed she was still reading the card then I drew her attention “copy! this is a new slide” and she did. After that I was able to complete my note from hers.

MORAL LESSON: some friends are in our lives to help us complete an assignment or help us back on track,and most times the devil sets in by distracting the person(sometimes we can be the distraction) or causing a distraction towards that person. Now when we notice this distractions ( which obviously might lead to the downfall of a friend) we are expected to try to bring them back on track because just as the true friendship quote states ” I’ll also feel the pain directly or indirectly when my friend does” every result of the distraction will affect you.




MOST IMPORTANTLY..put a smile on a friend’s face.

6 thoughts on “BE YOUR FRIEND’S KEEPER.

    1. Thank you love I’m glad you found it informative, sure you learnt something new. Thanks for reading 💋


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