Welcome back to my blog guys!

It’s been 1 week since you heard from me, I’ve been trying to rest up and achieve the most of my July goals (I’ll share that with you soon).

This post was supposed to be up a month ago but I could not finish editing it on time. Well I’m done now and I hope you find this helpful when shopping for summer.

Here are the 12 items to invest in this!

1. SCARF: A scarf is one item every stylish lady would love to own, it can be worn on the neck, collar of a shirt, can be used as a belt and can be tied to a bag to beautify it. 1 main reason I carry scarfs around especially when traveling is because of unforeseen emergencies.

2. SANDALS: This is a must have in summer, it could be in any preferable form be it strap, buckle or heels. I’ll prefer a flat sandal with strap in summer.

3. SUNSCREEN: This is for anybody that cannot tolerate very hot sun.

4. GOWNS: Free gowns are necessities in summer I mean who does not want to be free while having fun. Chiffon gowns are my favorite.

5. MULE: This has stolen my heart this summer, a perfect mule with neutral color can be worn on any outfit.

6. SKIRTS: There’s a lot to love about long pleated skirts, having them in colors is a yes for me.

7. T-SHIRT: White T-shirts are very easy to style in summer, I love my shirts big.

8. SHADES: This is a fashionable piece needed during summer. A good one can serve you throughout summer.

9. JEWELRY: Summer is honestly the best period to flaunt any jewelry piece so invest wisely in good ones.

10. FLATS: This can be worn anywhere for a very long time because of the comfort.

11. HATS: I love hats because they make outfits sophisticated. Straw hats have become a strong trend that I’m beginning to like.

12. SLIDES: If you love being comfortable you need to invest in 1 very good slide that’ll last you for a very long time.

13. CROSS BAG: Most people would prefer to get a black or brown cross bag but I’ll prefer to have colorful ones.

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