As simple as it sounds, clothing maintenance is not as easy as you think. Like I always say you can have all types of clothes in the world but if you don’t know how to take care of them and wear them properly it totally becomes a waste.

Here’s a detailed information about maintaining clothes.

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT : This is something I tell everybody I get to talk with, if you know yourself well enough you’ll know exactly what to buy. Purchasing items you’ll not wear is totally a waste except you’re planning on opening a charity wardrobe. I’ll give an example, do not buy anything you won’t be comfortable wearing, do not buy anything just because it’s trending, do not I repeat do not buy anything with a color you dislike because you’ll end up not wearing it lastly do not buy anything under pressure ( mostly happens when you go shopping with friends).

RESPECT YOUR CLOTHES: There are two ways to keep clothes, it’s either you hang them or fold them neatly. After washing your clothes I’ll advice you iron them before hanging or folding to keep in your wardrobe that way your wardrobe will look tidy and easy to access. Clothes tend to last longer when properly taken care of especially clothes with buttons, beads and other clothing accessories.

Another important way of respecting your clothe is knowing when to put on a particular dress and when to take it off, I’ll give an example… most ladies are guilty of this including me, most times we return home from work, church or an event and go straight into the kitchen to start cooking or doing chores with that beautiful dress you wore out. Accidents occur in the kitchen and some may tear the dress of leave a stain that’ll be very difficult to get off.

This next point is something I used to be very guilty of until I learnt the hard way. Learn to keep dirty clothes in a bag or basket before washing, the fact that your dress is dirty doesn’t mean you have to use it as a rag. Folding dirty clothes before putting them in a basket is not bad.

LAUNDRY: Try not to wash clothes made from wool too often because they can slack, skinny jeans too can loose the firm grip it gives if over washed. Washing too often has its own disadvantages, it could reduce the original color or make them tear easily… do not get me wrong please, it is very essential to wash your clothes but not too often.

SORTING: Sorting is very important procedure before washing, if you are not sure a particular clothing would not shed its colors please do not put it among other clothes especially white. It’s safer to hand wash new dresses that way you’ll know if it sheds or not.

Thank you for taking out time to read today’s post , till my next blog post remain FABULOUS!!

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