Welcome back to my blog beautiful people, it’s Friday who else is excited cause I am!

Few months back I wrote about what to order on your first visit to any restaurant, you can check HERE to read more about it. In today’s post I’ll be talking about my experience on my first visit to JAN AMOR, by the way this is not a sponsored post but I hope to get to that level someday. JAN AMOR is one of the few restaurants in Ternopil with a welcoming ambience, from the very first step there were waiters at every point ready to usher me to any direction I chose to sit, the music was cool, not too loud and soothing to the ears. Let’s get into the serving system, before the main dish was served a little present was brought from the chef’s corner, that actually caught my attention and I could not wait for the food to come. After about 10 minutes the food came, I ordered for Caesar salad and spaghetti.

Every single thing I ordered for was DELICIOUS, I could not stop emphasizing on how delicious the meal was till the very last bite. The spaghetti was on another level, well spiced and juicy, the portion was moderate and filling. The best part of the spaghetti was the prawn, it made every munch worth it. The salad was also delicious, the bread was crunchy, vegetables well seasoned and the chicken was smoked with the adequate amount of spice. I ordered for dessert(pineapple pie) but I did not really like it, it was just too sweet for me.

Lastly, the bill came and my heart almost skipped lol, well it was not too expensive but for a student on budget that I am, I’ll say the price is high.

I’ll recommend this restaurant for anyone who’s ready to spend some coins and have a good befitting meal.

This will be all today my loves… I’ll be dropping another post on Sunday till then remain FABULOUS!!!

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