Birthday gown, birthday girl

Birthdays are beautiful They remind us of the Goodness of God and how far he has brought us, they also give us a chance to evaluate ourselves in every aspect.

If you know me, you’ll know I’m a sucker for birthdays lol, I mostly just love to make my day a memorable one so I take pictures most of the time instead of throwing a party.

Keep reading to know how to properly plan a birthday shoot.

The first thing you want to do is

MAKE UP YOUR MIND: Make up your mind at least 1 month before time, impromptu shoots comes with spending too much and that is because you have little or no options to try out.

DRAW OUT A BUDGET: You want to consider writing down a budget before planning a shoot because it saves a lot of unnecessary spending, I always tell people to make a budget they’ll be very comfortable with even after the birthday shoot. Once you figure out how much you want to spend, consider step 2


HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT YOU WANT: This is where many people become clueless, well that’s why you have me right? Having an idea of what you want doesn’t necessarily mean you totally have it figured out it just means you know how you want to look. I’ll advice you to have at least 3 options just Incase.

Long gown, birthday look, pose

WORK WITH YOUR BUDGET: Now start working with your budget. If you’re going to do a studio or an outdoor shoot, your budget should determine that because you’ll have to pay for studio session and a photographer but if you’re doing an outdoor shoot you just have to pay the photographer.

Black dress, dinner gown

MAKEUP, HAIR, OUTFIT: I like to emphasize on how important it is to work with a budget and one easy way to do that is to pick one thing you want to stand out during your shoot. You can decide to spend your coins on new weaves and do a mild makeup yourself with a very simple outfit or do a very simple hairstyle pay a professional makeup artist to glam you up and trust me it does not matter the type of outfit you use, most times when your makeup is bomb you can wear anything and look fabulous. If you’re an outfit lover like me lol you can decide to sew one or buy one it all depends on your budget. The main reason I’ll advice to pick what you want to stand out in the shoot is just to cut cost but if your budget meets everything please feel free to treat yourself right!

Blonde wig, birthday shoot

SHARE YOUR IDEA: After sorting your look make sure you share your idea with someone you trust (style wise) just to be on a safe side.

PICK A SHOOT DATE: Go ahead to book a photographer, make him know the colors on your outfit and make sure he understands the concept. let him know the exact date and time you’ll need your pictures just to avoid disappointments.

Birthday shoot idea

GET PACKED: If you’ll needs props like balloons, gift boxes, candles, cakes or anything else make sure you plan ahead of time and get everything packed two days before your shoot.

SHOOT DAY: During the shoot make sure you go with a friend that’ll help you with some little things especially if you’ll be changing outfits. Also try to see the pictures the photographer has taken just to check that you are looking on point.

Black girls, style

Hot look, photoshoot inspiration


I hope you find this post helpful when next you want to plan your birthday shoot, till my next blog post remain FABULOUS!!!

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