Welcome back to my blog guys, if you’re visiting my blog for the first time you’re highly welcome please feel free to read my previous blog posts and be kind to drop a comment. Few months back I made a post about my top 3 restaurants with great deserts and I got a lot of positive feedback so today I’ll be sharing my top 5 fast foods in Ternopil.

The first on my list has to be французька (fransuska). They sell the best croissants in Ternopil honestly, I literally cannot resist this croissant! Anytime I find myself close to the city center, I end up going to get croissants. They also have a branch in podoliani.

Second is I LOVE KEBAB, aside the taste, the size of the kebab is worth the price. They also sell nachos and salads but I’m a great fan of KEBAB with mixed meat.

Third on the list is fornetti, they have many branches scattered round Ternopil. My favorite thing to buy is the tiny sausage rolls because they taste so yummy. They have other snacks with chicken, beef and sausage fillings.

Number 4 is Merci! The most popular fast food, they have so many branches in Ternopil, they are known for their classic panini and hotdog. I personally think they sell the best panini and hotdog in town.

5th on my list is street burger, I recently ate their burger and it left me wondering why I’m just trying it out. The burger is very juicy and large.

Till my next blog post remain fabulous!!!

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