Bell sleeves

Welcome to my blog beautiful readers, I hope you’re doing great? On my last blog post, I said I was documenting something which I promised to share on my next blog post! If you missed that post you can tap HERE to see.

Plaid blazer

Alright getting into what I was documenting lol, this documentary was done with a camera and the result are the pictures you’ll see below.

I decided to do this because I felt skirts are not usually worn frequently by ladies, I mean a lot of ladies rarely wear skirts not because they do not like it but because they feel it doesn’t look good on them or they simply do not know how to style it especially casually. I further went ahead to buttress my suspension with an instagram story poll and it turned out just as I assumed “a lot of ladies do not like skirts because they feel it doesn’t look good on them”

Well today I have compiled 4 different ways to wear skirts casually and 1 way to wear it to church or a simple business meeting in fall and I hope you get inspirations on how to style your skirt the next time you want to wear one. Like I always say, please feel free to send me messages about things you’ll like me to talk about or style via Instagram, mail or even in the comment section below.

Till my next blog post remain FABULOUS!!!


Fall look

Brown skirt for fall

PosesFall look for uni

Short skirt in fall


Styling black in fall

Styling Black and plaidStyling a short black skirtFall looks 2019Style blogger


Styling a short print skirt

Casual look for fall

How to style a blazer and T shirt

Scarf trend


Boots and skirt

Layering outfits in fall

Hats and skirt

Leopard print

Styling a Pleated skirt How to style prints


Leather skirt

Street style

Style bloggerStripes and leather Mule heels

One response to “5 SIMPLE WAYS TO STYLE SKIRTS.”

  1. I am definitely trying the number 4 soon 😫😫💚🥰❤️♥️


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