This picture shows 2 black girls styling Christmas colors

Merry Christmas beautiful people, may this season bring joy and abundant blessings to you and your loved ones. Thank you for the love you show by stopping by to read my posts, taking time to comment and taking extra time to share! You all have been beyond amazing, for that I cannot thank you enough.

A post was supposed to be up last week for Christmas outfits inspiration but I fell ill, I didn’t have time to shoot it coupled with the fact that exams came hard on me. I just had to forget it, I’m still sad I couldn’t plan the shoot but I thank God for this post because it’ll make up for it lol.

A fashionable black girl rocking an Afro hair with white oversized blazer Black girl rocking mini skirt and oversized blazer

Diving into today’s post! Two things make me happy about this post, the first is the out come of the outfits and the second is that I finally got to shoot with my gurllll… we’ve been planning to shoot a look together for my blog for a long time but every time we plan a shoot, something just pops up and we end up not doing it.

My friend DINMA is an enthusiastic editorial model, she loves to express herself on runways and in front of a lens. You can checkout her instagram page and show her some love this Christmas.

Black girl rocking a green blazer

Afro hair


Black girls rocking boots for Christmas

The idea was to style the main Christmas colors (red, white and green) we used black to complement the colors we were wearing and I’m glad we picked black because it toned the look moderately. I know you love our Afro lol, we went for the black girl magic Afro hair to give our look the last spice!

Fashionable black girls

Poses for black girls Wearing coats and blazers in winter Happy black girls

Shout out to FREDDY for taking this lovely pictures, I love his work!

That’s it for today loves, if you love this look please let me know in the comment section… make sure you eat a lot enjoy your Christmas. Till my next blog post remain FABULOUS!!!


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