Hello lovely readers! This is the first blog post in 2020 so permit me to say happy new year!

Primark Blue checkered bell sleeves
HI 2020

Woah!! We’re barely 3 months into the year and it has been full of many emotional happenings. A lot happened in the month of January (good and bad) but in all things I give God all the glory for good health and life.

The last decade was full of many memories, different decisions were made, actions were taken, a lot of self grooming and improvements were done but above all great lessons were learnt.

Red headband with white pearls
Black girl Posing with dark shades

In this new decade, I’m learning to make intentional decisions, make less mistakes, be ready to take full responsibility for any decision I make and with God on my side I’m sure I’ll do it.

Shades of blue with a pop of red
How to pose with a mini red bag
Red on blue

Let’s Jump right into today’s post shall we? This was supposed to be a monotone look but I decided to switch it up with a pop of red. I didn’t get any of these items with the intention of pairing them up as I did in this look but I ended up pairing them and I absolutely love the outcome. My favorite piece in this look is my headband, I love the pearls on it because it gives it this chic look.

I created this look hoping it’ll inspire someone out there to add a pop of color to any monotone look. I hope you love this look as much as I do… Till my next blog post please stay FABULOUS!!!


  1. This looks so pretty.
    Also, please could you make a blog post about the medical conferences, its importance and all. Seeing that you’ve gone for a few, could you enlighten us in other years on it because I know its important but I know nothing about it. I would really appreciate it 😘. Thank you.


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