One time for the birthday girl!! Two times for the birthday girl!! Three times for the birthday girl!!!

Welcome back to my blog guys, it’s my birthday and I am super grateful to God for bringing me this far, honestly if you remove God from the equation, there cannot be me because I am a full proof of his GRACE,LOVE, MERCY, FAITHFULNESS and KINDNESS.

Around this same time last year, I made a decision to see God as my FATHER, I told him I’ve acknowledged the fact that he is my FATHER so I’m just going to sit back and allow him play his role as my FATHER and I’ll keep running back to him every single time I need something because I know HE’LL definitely solve any situation. Ever since I made that decision I have never been disappointed. I just want to encourage someone today, make a decision to allow God play HIS role in your life, sit back and allow him lead the way and I promise you, you’ll never regret making that decision.

Yessss briefly diving into today’s outfit details!

I know this suit is very catchy.. that’s one of the reasons I got it lol, I was supposed to use it for my Valentine’s Day outfit inspo but a lot of things happened and I ended up not doing the shoot at all. Before I continue I’ll like you to take a wild guess on how much I got the suit, keep the amount registered somewhere in your memory and continue reading….

Quick switch to the second outfit which wasn’t supposed to be for my birthday shoot but I love the look so much so I decided to post it today too.

Now back to the price of my suit! Lol I got it for $2 at a thrift store during one of my random visits to the thrift store and trust me I don’t regret spending that amount (like I have a choice) . I know you love today’s outfit as much as I do. Till my next blog post, take care of yourself and remain FABULOUS!!

SHOUT OUT TO BIMBO she made my beautiful hair and DAYTON he took these beautiful pictures.

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