Happy new month my lovely readers, welcome to the last month of 2020.

Today’s post is to let you in on all the good stuffs I’ve been up to while I was absent, I know it might be lengthy to read but please bare with me and read till the end.

This year has been different on every level, there were moments of tears, moments of smiles, moments of uncertainty, moments of withdrawal, moments of positivity, moments of faith, moments of laziness, and moments of hard work. Through it all I forever remain grateful to God Almighty because He has been my companion.

At the beginning of this year I lost a friend unexpectedly, hmmm it was a massive blow because no one saw it coming, there was no warning sign whatsoever! It just happened suddenly and it left a big dent in my heart. After her death I lost motivation to do anything, I needed motivation to do the littlest things. It was not easy but I had to snap back to reality because my finals was fast approaching and I had to prepare well for it.

Few weeks later the world was hit with a pandemic and the government of Ukraine had to put the whole country on lockdown to prevent the rapid spread of the virus. I completed my classes online, the date of my finals was indefinitely postponed. There were several rumours that the exam was not going to take place but deep down in my soul I knew we were going to write it so I was preparing gradually lol. The ministry of health finally decided to release a date for the exam and we literally had 2 weeks to prepare!! Few days to my exam I had a serious panic attack, I suddenly started wishing my friend was alive to take the exam with me, her memories kept on popping up in my head all the discussions and plans we had for final year became fresh in my memory. It was not easy to overcome but with my friends ( Winnie, Dinma and Kenny) by my side I was able to gain focus and ace my exam.

After the result was announced the controversy of having a graduation ceremony began, “ah this school should stop playing with my feelings” were the exact thoughts going through my mind. My school decided not to hold a ceremony for us because we were many and organizing a ceremony would definitely go against the COVID-19 social distancing rules ( you can imagine how disappointed I felt). My Dean finally decided to allow us get our certificates on different days with the option of dressing up or not, again I had 2 days to plan for my “graduation” because the announcement was sudden. That day came, I took pictures with my study mates and few friends and that was it guys! Lol the most anticipated day of 2020 ended on a very casual note chai!!!

After a lot of drama, disappointments, rescheduling and prayers I decided to go back to Nigeria to take my licensing exam.( that was not the initial plan, but it was the best option I had considering the fact that most countries were on lockdown). My decision to write the exam was surprisingly shocking to me but I’m glad I made that decision. I’ll make a separate post to tell you how everything went down.

In the midst of everything happening my blog turned 3 years, unfortunately I was not able to celebrate or even make a post about it because I was carried away with exams. The pastry business AYO BAKES I officially started last year also clocked 1 year in October. Regardless of everything that has happened, I remain grateful to God for His unending love and protection over my family and friends. I also want to specially thank people that checked up on me while I was MIA, y’all are so sweet, I appreciate you and do not take your care for granted.

If you read till this point you’re the realest MVP. Till my next blog post beautiful people, remain FABULOUS!!!

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