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A week ago, I got inducted into the Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria. Usually successful candidates get inducted within a month after passing the exam but the case was different for the 2020 November set mostly because of the ongoing pandemic. It took over 2 months before a definite decision was made regardless everyone felt a sense of relief and remained expectant.

The induction date was officially announced on the MDCN website a week to the time with details to where it will take place and how the ceremony will be conducted. We were a total of 991 successful medical candidates and 30 Dental candidates So we got grouped into 3 different batches. For the first time in the history of the MDCN induction ceremony, the occasion was scheduled to take place at the MDCN headquarters in the city of Abuja, Nigeria. Each inductee was entitled to have 2 guests of their choice.

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The first batch of inductees were expected to be at the venue by 8am to collect their tickets and get settled before the induction starts by 9am. The second and third batch was scheduled for 12noon and 3pm respectively.

MDCN induction ceremony

I fell under the second batch of inductees which was to start by 12noon, soo we were expected to be there by 11am. I got to the venue, got the tickets for myself and my parents, located my seat and waited for the ceremony to properly begin. The hall was not too big but big enough to accommodate about 370 people. Social distancing rules were strictly followed as seats were 2 metres apart and everyone wore their face masks properly. A separate rugged canopy was put outside to accommodate the guests of the inductees and everything happening in the hall was being projected on a big screen for them to watch.

The ceremony started about 40 minutes earlier than scheduled, this was mainly because the first batch finished very early. The unexpected change in time made a lot of people late and disorganised, the road to the venue was very narrow and not easy to locate so this caused heavy traffic because some people were trying to leave the venue while some were just arriving the venue. I mean you can imagine over 700 people with cars hurrying and struggling to make it in and out of a narrow street.

The induction started with an opening prayer followed by a welcoming speech by the minister of health. We were addressed by senior medical officials who had tons of information to pass across to the “newest doctors in the country “ lol. After taking turns in addressing us it was finally time to do the main thing. We were all asked to stand up and make a bow of gratitude to our parents and sponsors after which we took the Physician Pledge (Hippocratic oath) with our right hand raised up.

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Taking that pledge felt surreal, it was a beautiful moment for me, I was a little bit tensed because I could literally feel the beginning of my medical carrier. I was happy for my friends too, we were standing close to each other, I could only imagine how they felt but I could see the joy on their faces. After making the Pledge there was a loud cheer in the hall, a cheer of genuine happiness, a cheer of victory, a cheer of fulfilment filled with hope for better days to come.

After the Pledge we were addressed again and asked to fill a form which was going to stand as an evidence of our induction. We recited the National anthem and the program was called to an end.

After the occasion we were given a very light refreshment ( soda & water) after which we were allowed to take pictures with our family, friends and well wishers.

I took pictures and made videos with my friends now turned colleagues, we were all so happy and I was excited to see that. I went ahead to take pictures with my family too, they were all happy and proud of me.

Getting out of the venue was a hassle because the doctors for the third batch were coming in and we were trying to leave but we finally got out in one piece.

The whole experience was beautiful but would have been less stressful if we were not in a pandemic because a bigger venue that could accommodate all inductees would have been used.

Once again I want to appreciate you for taking time out to read this post, I do not take it for granted.

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Till my next blog post, remain FABULOUS!!!


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