Hello lovely readers, welcome back to another read on my blog. It’s been a hot minute since my last blog post that’s because I’ve had a lot on my plate these past months and I’ll be giving details on what has been happening in my next post.

I decided to put together few looks for graduation due to so many requests. In this post, I’ve compiled versatile styles and patterns that can be used for graduation + things to look out for when picking what to wear for graduation.

TIP: Tailoring your graduation outfit is always a great idea!!!

COLOUR SUGGESTIONS: white, nude, teal green, yellow, burnt orange, lilac, burgundy, sky blue, peach. Some Ankara fabrics can pass too.


If you decide to wear a dress for graduation, always go for something fitted and simple. Try to avoid exaggerated patterns like bulky sleeves & ball like finishing. This is because it’ll give a funny shape when worn under your graduation gown, the goal is to look good throughout the day with or without your gown being worn. Another very important thing to consider when wearing a gown is the length, long flowing gowns shouldn’t be considered because that day is going to be busy, you’ll have a lot of things to be worked up about and trying to hold up a dress is certainly not what you want to do.

Things you can do to flatter your dress is spicing it up with slits, buttons and stylish neck cuts.

Graduation gown and sash ideas for black girls
Graduation dress for black girls
Ankara style for graduation
Perfect color for graduation


This is the safest thing to wear for grads, I mean you can never go wrong with this. You can decide to wear a skirt suit, trouser suit or a gown suit anyone works perfectly! The only stress about wearing a suit is deciding on the colour to pick. You can pick any colour from the ones I listed earlier.

Graduation hairstyles for black girls
Colors to wear for graduation
Styles for black plus size girls
Graduation outfit ideas for black girls


Jumpsuit lovers cannot be left out of this post, I personally do not fancy them but they are perfect for graduations.

Jumpsuit styles for black girls
Polka dot styles for black girls

One important thing to remember is that, your graduation day is for you, regardless of whatever happens make sure you enjoy your day and make it memorable!!! Congratulations in advance to every graduating student reading this post.

Special shout out to my babes for gracing my blog with their amazing pictures. You all are the best!! Please show some love by following them on IG. @Dr Ajinwo @Dr Onwordi @Dr Okoye @Dr Chike @Dr Ugwu @Dr Ogbeide

I hope you find these compilation helpful. Thanks for stopping by, till my next blog post, remain FABULOUS!!


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