Hello beautiful people, welcome back to another read on my blog. If this is your first time here, you’re most welcome l appreciate you and I hope you stick around. In my last post I promised to make a detailed “life update” post stating the reason for my absence on my blog, my reduced activity on all my social media platforms. I am finally happy to be making this post after such a long time.

As many of you already know, I graduated medical school July 2020 and as an international medical graduate,I was expected to take the Nigerian licensing exam which I passed in November and got inducted in February this year. I made a detailed post about every necessary thing to know about the exam and how my induction went. You can check it out HERE and HERE .

In Nigeria, every medical graduate is expected to do a 12 months compulsory program called Housejob/Housemanship/internship where they get to rotate in the four main branches of medicine ( Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Internal medicine and child health/pediatrics) for 3 months each. Previously Doctors personally apply to any accredited hospital of their interest to do the program but this year, MDCN decided to stop that and took up the responsibility of posting Doctors. This decision has made enrolling in the program much more efficient, faster and stress free. I’ll make a detailed post about how the new posting system works so please anticipate.

Few months back I started my program at the university of Benin teaching hospital (UBTH) and I have been trying to settle in properly alongside working and getting used to the Nigerian medical system. Settling in for me has really not been as hectic as I imagined it to be because I have never been to the southern part of Nigeria my whole life and Benin city is nothing like Kaduna which is in the northern part of Nigeria where I grew up.

Practicing medicine is nothing like medical school to be honest, with many patients trooping in and out of the hospital daily you can imagine how hectic it can get. Most days when I’m not on call, all I want to do is sleep and the cycle continues for days, weeks and months. I tried to continue my blog activities and social media content creating when I started my program but the work load was to much especially with the fact that I was new to the system and still had a lot to learn and adapt to.

I’ve gradually adapted and found a way to schedule my time to cover work,my blog and content creation. Posting on my blog would be twice a month for now until I can properly draw out a plan to make it weekly.

You can catch up with my previous posts incase you missed any. Till my next blog post, remain FABULOUS!!!

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