MY OPINION ON THRIFTING Growing up in Nigeria thrifting was called GBANJO(I hope I got the spelling right) or OKRIKA there was this believe that only poor people who could not afford new clothes go to thrift stores. I remember back then my elder sister would go out with her friends and come back with… Continue reading MY OPINION ON THRIFTING.


10 years ago, I never thought or imagined I’ll be anywhere close to where I am today, I never saw myself achieving half of the things I’ve achieved today,I never saw myself anywhere close to the places I’ve been, I never thought of doing anything that’ll draw any kind of attention to me most of… Continue reading WORLD MERCYLAYO’S DAY!


Welcome back to my blog guys!! Hope you had a lovely summer break?? Mine wasn’t bad, I had a lot of beautiful moments filled with great memories and now I’m back to my basic routine of dealing with medical school and blogging. One of the highlights of my summer break was the shoot I had… Continue reading VINTAGE ADIRE WITH GOYIT.