I know wearing any leather clothing would be the last thing you want to do on a sweaty hot summer day, trust me I know how sticky and uncomfortable it can get when you sweat in a leather outfit especially a leather jacket; but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be worn in summer!! There are tons of lightweight leather pieces like jackets, cropped pants, low-back gowns, tops and skirts.

On the other hand a fringe piece is one simple but delicate item you want to be careful with while styling because if worn wrongly it can give a very funny and disorganized look. This particular fringe top is one item I’ve had for over two years now and this is the second time I’m wearing it, the first time I wore it I paired it with a blue skinny jean and it also looked good.

Today I decided to pair this fringe top with a short leather skirt which I was skeptical about but it ended up coming out lovely ( I think I say this a lot lol). Well the whole idea of this post is just to make you know you can wear a leather clothing in summer and feel comfortable… I hope you like the way I styled this fringe top and the skirt( pairing it up with the beret and heels).. please drop a comment in the section below and let me know what you think.

I love the location I used for this shoot because of the flowers, It gave the look a little bit of color pop (I love colors). My beautiful braids was made by my girl WINIDOC thanks darling I love them.

Till my next blog post… you already know what to do, remain FABULOUS!!!!



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