10 years ago, I never thought or imagined I’ll be anywhere close to where I am today, I never saw myself achieving half of the things I’ve achieved today,I never saw myself anywhere close to the places I’ve been, I never thought of doing anything that’ll draw any kind of attention to me most of all I never saw myself as someone who could inspire people to become greater versions of themselves…..why?????

It was because I never believed in myself, I never knew the potentials I carried, I always thought everyone else could do anything they fixed their minds on but never for once did I put that faith in myself. At some point I thought it was pride because I had a lot of ideas popping up daily but I remained adamant to make those ideas a reality, I felt bringing myself out in any way was going to be a disaster, little did I know it was going to be the complete opposite. It wasn’t an easy journey of fully discovering myself but I just want to thank God for the people he has placed in my life, I want to bless him for my family and friends especially, because they have played a huge role in my life and I honestly do not know where I would have been without their constant words of encouragement and advice.

On this beautiful day, I’ll like to thank everyone that has encouraged me in any form, I pray the Good Lord meets you at the point of your need (Amen). Thank you for believing in the woman I have grown to be.


Till my next blog post, remain FABULOUS!!!

Shout out to a talented photographer NANA

My hair was made by WINIDOC HAIR

My beautiful neck piece is from LAVENNE

My gown is from VA VA VOOM

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